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Each  of our off-road driver training class is a one-day course, lasting some six + hours. The Level-1 class is mandatory for all participants. The Level-2 class is very popular, though not a prerequisite for Level-3 class. Most classes are based out of Fernley, NV (Reno). 


During most courses, a photographer will be on hand to photograph you and your 4x4 in action. These photos will be mailed to you after the event at no charge. Enlargements are also available at a nominal cost. Now you can show your friends what you did over the weekend!

Level-1, 2 & 3 prices listed are “Family Rates” only; this way one participant can bring the family along. Two licensed drivers can participate.

For Corporate or Military please contact ORE for current rates. Some fees may apply for Permits & required insurance costs.

Level-1 Class

  • Approx. 30-45 minutes of "classroom time" and 4 hours of driving time.

  • Covered topics includes 4wd system, approach/departure angles, ground clearance, break-over, traction, axle articulation, wheel travel, tires, snow chains, driving tips and habits.

  • $440 per vehicle (non-commercial only)



Level-2 Class

  • Approx. 5 hours of driving time, with some one-on-one teaching.

  • Driving in valleys and canyons with loose dirt, obstacles and dry washes.

  • Cross-country run upon request.

  • Map reading & navigation

  • $515 per vehicle (non-commercial only)



Level-3 Class

  • Approx. 5 hours of driving time.

  • Driving in desert playa, dry and wet washes or cross-country. Your choice!

  • Map reading and navigation.

  • $590 per vehicle (non-commercial only)





Winch & Recovery

  • Available Year-round.

  • Learn how to recover your car.

  • Great class for those who have just purchased a winch, or plan on buying one in the future.

  • Flexible time. Please call to schedule.






Certification & Safety

  • ​Designed for people interested in becoming a certified off-road driving instructor/navigation instructor/winch & recovery instructor/off-road guide.

  • Train-the-Trainer classes available for Government offices. 

  • Please call for rates.

  • Teach on request during an Level-2 or Level-3 class.


Corporate Safety Program

  • For Professional Off-Road drivers and/or driving during business hours such as Geologists, Mining Co & Miners, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, Fire Fighters, BLM, USGS, etc.

  • Special Classes designed for specialized companies and employees in rough terrain and climates.

  • Organizations must supply the same type of vehicles as used during business hours. Maximum 2-drivers per vehicle. Priced as EACH individual.

  • 2-Day Class; This consists of Level-1, and Level-3 plus Recovery combined on the 2nd day.

  • Flexible Times. Week Days on Request. Please call to Schedule.

  • Pricing Available upon request.

  • We can tailor these classes to suit your needs.




One-on-One Class

  • One instructor per student.

  • Custom topics and terrains depending on students skills and interests.

  • Two student vehicles at minimum.

  • Level-1 class not required.

  • $690 per vehicle (1 driver, extra $100 for an additional driver, non-commercial only).

  • Flexible time. Please call to schedule.


Navigation & Map Reading

  • GPS, Map and compass usage.

  • Teach on request during an Level-2 or Level-3 class.

  • Livermore, CA.

  • $45.00 per person / $60.00 per couples.




Rally Driving

  • Car control on snow, gravel and dirt.

  • Covered topics includes steering, throttle control, ABS, sliding vehicle recovery, traction, gear selection.

  • Reading and translating rally route book (pace notes).

  • A must for anyone signing up for Camel Trophy or similar events.

  • Please call for rates (1 driver, 1 vehicle)

  • Flexible time. Please call to schedule.



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